Apa citation for dessertation

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Many students, when the question of APA citations is raised, cannot understand what it is, how to deal with it, and whether it is necessary at all. I am here to explain that there is nothing wrong with APA citation, we encounter almost every day, without even noticing it.
What is the APA citation and where can we see it?
APA (American Psychological Association) is one of the most influential associations of professional psychologists in the world.

The first publication guide in the APA format was published to achieve greater effectiveness for the formatting format of the research. For the most part, this was all done to simplify editing and increase its efficiency. Some scientists were opposed to such rules, as they allegedly limited students and researchers, distorting their own writing style. But despite the ambiguity of opinions, the APA format during this time managed to take root and become one of the most popular reference style formats. Today it is customary to use it in documentation such as term papers, dissertations, various studies, and so on.

A few words about the APA standards in the documentation.

Although there are many points, for different sources with one or more authors, works and years of writing. For each work will be relevant different examples of writing from the list, but the concept of some basic things can be given.

1. Citing web pages in text

Quote the web page as any source, using the author’s name and date, if known. If the author’s name is unknown, then the title and date are used (in the case of long titles, a pair of first words is enough). For sources without a date, the designation (n.d.) is used instead of a year.

2. General recommendations

Text links follow immediately after a headline, word or expression, to which they have a direct relationship, and not just appear at the end of long convoluted sentences. Links are always placed before punctuation marks.

3. Works of several authors

APA has certain requirements for citing the works of several authors, it looks like this:

— first quote: (Owen, Waugh, Queen, & Cole, 2008—

— all subsequent quotes: (Owen et al., 2008—

— one author: (Archer, 2007—

— two authors: (Polunin &Romakhin, 2000)

— from three to five authors: (Smith, Stepnoy, Schwartz & Howard, 2017)

— six or more authors: (Bertieer et al., 2006)

Apa citation for dessertation
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