Argumentiatve research letter

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An argumentative research letter is a type of document in which a student needs to express his thoughts about a particular topic and then back it up with sound arguments. Theoretically, writing an argumentative research letter sounds easy. But the majority of students notice the difficulties in compiling this type of work in general and proving their point of view in particular. 
What is needed for a successfully written letter?
— choosing the right topic (this is half of all success)
— when choosing it is important to remember that it is easier to find information on current topics, but you need to try very hard to surprise the reader with something new, while at rare times information is searched for much longer, but the likelihood that it is an unusual topic that will catch reader’s eye increases significantly
— before starting work, you need to make sure that all sources, articles, and materials that you will use are arranged in order
How to make a plan for the whole letter? What questions need to be answered?
Despite the myth that to write an argumentative research letter, it is enough to simply support the existing topic with your arguments, everything is not so simple. It is a fact that such letters follow a specific model of writing, which consists of five main questions that need to be disclosed:
— How important is your chosen question?
— Confirm or disprove.
The topic may be indicated deliberately wrong, which will be revealed in this paragraph in the form of confirmation or denial of it. For example, the subject of the letter is: “Apples are harmful to health,” but this is an erroneous proposition, which you should prove wromg
— What needs to be done with the problem? Are we doing enough?
— What makes the main question of the letter so meaningful?
— What caused the problems indicated in the third paragraph, what are their consequences?
The structure of the letter is simple, it consists of:
— introduction
— the main part, where you specify the evidence of your opinion, as well as a few more points of view that do not coincide with your
— conclusion
To avoid mistakes due to inattention, typos and other not-so-pleasant things, it is very important to check the texts after writing, preferably several times. You can also use services with grammar, morphological, etc. check. This will help you get assessment that your argumentation research letter deserves.

Argumentiatve research letter
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